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One of the most rapidly growing segments of the economy is the service sector. Consultants cover a wide range of expertise, including marketing, investment, financial, human resource, and insurance. There are two major similarities that all consultants have in common. First, they are businesses and face the same issues that all businesses do. Second, consultants and service providers are dependent on consultants with other disciplines to provide them with referrals. Other service providers, such as attorneys, bankers, and accountants look to a network of consultants to grow their businesses and to help their clients with specialized needs.

Over the years we have become a resource for service providers. Matching the client- and advisor needs with the right consultant has defined a win-win situation. We help two or more consultants and the client receive the proper advice while increasing our value to business advisors.

The understanding of the business issues facing service sector enterprises has placed BrookWeiner in the unique position of both representing such companies and helping beyond providing good accounting and tax advice. We are truly the professional service arena's resource provider.