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BrookWeiner Acquisition Due Diligence Services

Near-term economic conditions offer prudent venture capitalist and other investors fertile opportunities relative to participating in ramped-up domestic capital projects. Capital requirements for infrastructure-related endeavors coupled with improved federal lending legislation create options for those ready to invest.

At BrookWeiner, we assist venture capitalists and prospective investors by providing direction during initial steps taken prior to injecting capital into a wide spectrum of businesses, from startups to seasoned enterprises. Project services include feasibility studies, business plans, enterprise valuation, and asset-based valuation. With a focus on past and present performance, we research available avenues in an effort to mitigate risk and create and expand value. Assessments include defining and valuing the merits of a business’s resources to include its human capital, hard and soft assets, capital expansion, risk assessment, and external forces such as environmental and regulatory issues. We have assisted clients in due diligence projects on a domestic and international basis.   

Meet the Specialists
John P. Harlan