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BrookWeiner Forensic Accounting Services

If you prudently carry insurance for embezzlement loss, your insurance or bonding company will require an investigation in order to determine the extent of any loss and to discover evidence for the purpose of prosecuting the perpetrator.

After you get over the initial shock, you ask yourself, "What do I do next?"

Call your BrookWeiner Member. If you don't have a BrookWeiner Member, call us. A qualified BrookWeiner Member will be assigned to handle your situation.

We provide expert knowledge and proficiency to the field of forensic accounting. The post Sarbanes-Oxley business climate as made forensic accounting a cornerstone in safeguarding business assets and interests. An ever-increasing reliance on technology has provided fraudsters with unique opportunities to perpetrate and conceal theft.

Our Certified Fraud Examiners assist you in creating preventative and detective controls to mitigate financial statement risk. Our professionals are able to quantify damages resulting from corporate malfeasance. We can work with your risk insurance providers to establish requisite proof of loss claims. We can advise management of best practice approaches to patching the “holes” in your existing internal control system. Our specially trained personnel will find the answers you need in a timely and efficient manner, so that you can get on with what you do best—running your business.

Our team includes Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) as well as former Special Agents/Criminal Investigators of the IRS and FBI.

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