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Today, “Occupational Fraud” is occurring at an accelerated rate. According to studies conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), estimated global occupational fraud costs businesses in excess of $3.5 trillion annually. On average, fraud measures 5% of revenue. Recent surveys indicate that many business stakeholders are unaware of the magnitude of potential loss or believe fraud will never occur to their business. The reality is your business is suffering at some level and you don’t even know it. We are here to help!


Fraud has been around since the beginning of society. As recent as the late 1990’s, the business community observed a mercurial rise of fraud and theft of corporate assets. Media coverage was rife with headline stories about giants like ENRON, WorldCom, HealthSouth, and TYCO. As a direct result, Congress passed Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) that applied to companies registered with the SEC. The AICPA followed by establishing audit risk assessment standards that applied to nonpublic closely-held businesses. However, even with these new standards, fraud loss keeps growing. How do you prepare your business to properly combat fraud and misappropriation from adversely affecting your “bottom line”? We have cost-effective solutions!


Developing sound fraud prevention and detection protocols is the first line of defense in mitigating the risk of fraud. BrookWeiner LLC has developed “proven” tools to help your business bring fraud risk down to an acceptable level. Our programs focus on developing and implementing preventative controls in tandem with detective controls. The establishment of proper controls creates an environment in which “fraudsters” are less likely to commit fraud. Properly designed, implemented and monitored control procedures deter fraud. Be aware, if someone wants to perpetuate a fraud in your business, they will. Do you have adequate procedures in place to reduce the potential for fraud?


Properly established fraud prevention programs often pay for themselves. BWLLC templates, such as our seasoned “whistleblower” program, are designed to reduce the cost of insurance premiums and loan compliance fees. They can also reduce potential litigation costs and regulatory fines. At the same time, well-designed and monitored programs increase employee morale, create a stronger “tone at the top” and improve the bottom line.


At BrookWeiner LLC, we can apply our “proven” tools and resources to create your “Fraud Prevention” solution. Our qualified Certified Fraud Examiners are experienced in providing fraud detection and prevention program development, implementation and monitoring oversight. We apply skills and resources required to gain a successful result. Our reputation is founded upon building comprehensive, yet economically feasible solutions. Our experienced practice team brings a seasoned approach focused on problem resolution. Our “experts” stand ready to help you meet your fraud prevention requirements. Let us be an integral part of your fraud prevention solution.


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