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BrookWeiner Tax Services

Preparing tax returns for individuals and their businesses is only a small part of what we do. Our program is based upon first evaluating your personal and business situation in light of your goals and objectives. The service is highly personalized. You and your tax specialist will explore issues such as gift, estate, and trust planning, retirement goals and needs, succession planning, wealth transference, and wealth management. We work closely with your primary advisors. If you need legal assistance, investment management counseling, or insurance needs assessments, we can help you select experts in these areas to work with us as your personal advisory team.

BrookWeiner will also handle all your business needs. We will be able to advise you on benefit plan issues, key employee concerns, stock option features, and the use of ESOPs as a means of asset diversification and succession. We will work closely with your bank to meet your cash requirements. If the IRS contacts you, we will act as your representative and help minimize your sleepless nights.

Meet the Specialist
Rosanne Andersen
Gordon M. Johnson
David Weinberg

International Business Today

Historically, doing business abroad has been reserved for large multi-national firms. Now, small businesses are venturing in other countries as emerging markets beckon.

Investments made by United States based companies in emerging markets are exponentially growing, but the movement is bi-lateral. Sudden wealth created by citizens of these emerging markets, coupled with the relatively week U.S. dollar has made migrating business and investment to the United States very attractive.

Certain steps should be taken prior to conducting business internationally. These apply to U.S. companies establishing an overseas presence and citizens of other countries wanting to do business in the United States.

Along with our expertise in tax and business structuring, BrookWeiner, LLC is fluent in a number of international languages and cultural practices. Through our international network of accounting and law firms, we can assist you in more than seventy countries around the world.

Contact us to find out more.