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BrookWeiner Accounting & Auditing Services

Today, many companies view traditional accounting and auditing services as a commodity. BrookWeiner looks at it as an opportunity. Our services pertaining to your company's financial statements give us an opportunity to bring our vast knowledge of business operations to your company's environment. This interaction helps identify conditions that could, if not addressed promptly, become serious business problems. Frequently, new business opportunities are identified through this process.

Cash requirements, production demands, labor conditions, acquisitions, and insurance requirements are reviewed as part of this process.

We regularly discuss issues of business succession, employee incentives, and technology needs with our clients. Quick Books-certified BrookWeiner staff can help train your in-house accountant if necessary.

If your accountant views you as a buyer of a commodity, and not as a client, we can redefine this accounting relationship.

Industry Focus
Hedge Funds, Publicly Traded Mutual Funds and Non-Profit Organizations
Financial Companies

Meet the Specialists
James Schmidt